Troubleshooting There are only a few possible reasons your service could be down or not letting you log in.

​ Please check them all

Refreshing Channels and EPG The first thing to always try is the “Refresh Channels, Movie and series” option in the 3 dot menu in the top right hand corner of the category page.

You can also update and repair the EPG here by selecting “Refresh TV Guide” We update, repair, or add new content most days.

Until you select these option you won’t see any changes we have made.

Tip: Refresh daily

​ Router VERY IMPORTANT! At least 2 times per week restart your router For some reason people will not do this.

The 3 minutes it takes can make a world of difference.

Restart your Firestick Restarting your Firestick everyday can make a HUGE difference on how well it runs

. Does the device have a working internet connection?

“Network error” or “Error Code : on Failure” test the connection by going to the web browser or any internet based app on the device. If you don’t check the Ethernet cable is connected or the WiFi is connected.

Try resetting the router and device.

​ Username and Password The most likely reason it won’t let you login is you entered the details incorrectly.

If you see the error “Incorrect Username and Password” then you have typed them incorrectly.

Please be careful with capital i’s and lower case L’s, in a lot of fonts they look the same, capital O’s and the zero can look slimier, and Upper case and lower case K’s.

All subs work 100% of the time and the login details have been copied and pasted direct from the server so they are not wrong. Please do not email saying the detail don’t work …they do.

​ Subscription Expiry Has you subscription expired. Please check back in your email for the date you was sent the subscription and how long you paid for.

​ The server maybe down.

There are usually two reasons for this your internet service provider has been instructed you block our IP address during a big sports event

. For this you should try using a VPN.

Estimated down time 2 hours

​ Playback Error If you are seeing “Playback error” then you may have also lost internet.

This can also be that the channel isn’t live at present. Live events channels etc are only active when the event is being aired.

It may also be that the channel is down ​

Correct App

Depending on the server you purchased and which server you are on, will depend what app will work for you.

​These apps all have the different URL portals built if for the different servers, so you don’t need to worry about adding the correct portal.

​  If you have followed all this correctly please and still can’t login then please email me stating you have completed the troubleshooting guide long with your login details.

The Server is Down

The server has had to be rebooted.

Unfortunately this is a computer and occasionally it will need rebooting. Estimated down time 30 mins.

Please try not to email in this situation it only delays in further, and I can not offer you a solution other then waiting patiently.

​ Having buffering issues? These videos walk you through a few things and settings you can try

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