UK 432 Channels


    UK: BBC ALBA | SD UK: BBC EARTH | HD UK: BBC EARTH | UHD UK: BBC FOUR | HD UK: BBC FOUR | SD UK: BBC News HD UK: BBC News SD UK: BBC ONE (North Ireland) | HD UK: BBC ONE (Scottland) | HD UK: BBC ONE | UHD UK: BBC One Cambridge | SD UK: BBC One Channel Islands | SD UK: BBC One East | SD UK: BBC One East Midlands | SD UK: BBC One East Yorkshire | SD UK: BBC One Wales | HD UK: BBC One Wales | HD* UK: BBC One West Midlands UK: BBC PARLIAMENT | SD UK: BBC RED BUTTON UK: BBC TWO (Northern Ireland) UK: BBC TWO (Northern Ireland)* UK: BBC TWO | HD UK: BBC TWO | SD UK: BBC TWO | UHD UK: BBC Two Wales UK: SKY CINEMA GREATS (PIRATES) UK: 4 MUSIC | SD UK: 4SEVEN UK: 4SEVEN | HD UK: 5 SELECT | SD UK: 5 SPIKE | SD UK: 5 Star UK: 5 Star 1 UK: 5 USA 1 | SD UK: 5 USA | SD UK: AL JAZEERA | UHD UK: ALIBI | SD UK: AMC | UHD UK: ANIMAL PLANET | HD* UK: ANIMAL PLANET | SD* UK: ANIMAL PLANET HD UK: At The Races UK: At The Races BU UK: At The Races BU2 UK: BABY TV UK: BEN UK: BET | HD UK: BET | SD UK: BETFRED UK: Blaze UK: Boomerang UK: BOX NATION | HD UK: BOX NATION | HD* UK: BOX NATION | UHD UK: BT Sport 1 | UHD UK: BT Sport 1 HD UK: BT Sport 1 SD UK: BT Sport 2 | UHD UK: BT Sport 2 SD UK: BT Sport 2HD UK: BT Sport 3 | UHD* UK: BT Sport 3 SD UK: BT Sport 3HD UK: BT Sport 1 | HD* UK: BT Sport 1 | SD* UK: BT Sport 1 | UHD* UK: BT Sport 2 | HD* UK: BT Sport 2 | SD* UK: BT Sport 2 | UHD* UK: BT Sport 3 | HD* UK: BT Sport 3 | SD* UK: BT Sport ESPN SD UK: BT Sport ESPN HD UK: BT Sport ESPN | SD* UK: BT Sport ESPN | HD* UK: BT SPORT ESPN | UHD* UK: BT Sport Extra 1 UK: BT Sport Extra 2 UK: BT Sport Extra 3 UK: BT Sport Extra 4 UK: BT Sport Extra 5 UK: BT SPORTS EXTRA 6 | HD UK: BT SPORTS EXTRA 7 | HD UK: Capital Radio Tv UK: CARTOON NETWORK | HD UK: CARTOON NETWORK HD UK: Cartoonito UK: CARTOONITO | SD UK: CARTOONITO BU UK: CBBC | HD UK: CBBC | SD UK: CBEEBIES | HD UK: CBS Action | SD UK: CBS Drama | SD UK: CBS REALITY | SD UK: Challenge UK: Channel 4 | HD UK: CHANNEL 4 | SD UK: CHANNEL 4 | UHD UK: Channel 5 | HD UK: CHANNEL 5 | SD UK: CHANNEL 5 | UHD UK: CHANNEL AKA UK: Chart Show Hits UK: Chart Show TV | SD UK: CHELSEA TV UK: CITV | HD UK: CLUBLAND UK: CNN UK: CNN FHD UK: CNN INTERNATIONAL | HD UK: CNN SD UK: COMEDY CENTRAL | HD UK: COMEDY CENTRAL XTRA 1 | SD UK: COMEDY CENTRAL XTRA | SD UK: Coral TV UK: CRIME INVESTIGATION UK: Crime & Investigation HD UK: Crime Investigation | SD UK: DAVE | SD UK: DAVE | UHD UK: DAVE JA VU | SD UK: Deutche Welle English UK: DISCOVERY CHANNEL | UHD UK: Discovery History | SD UK: Discovery Science | SD UK: Discovery Shed | SD UK: Discovery Turbo | SD* UK: DISNEY CHANNEL UK: DISNEY CHANNEL | HD UK: DISNEY JR | HD UK: DISNEY JUNIOR | HD UK: DISNEY XD | HD UK: DISNEY XD | UHD UK: DMAX | SD UK: DMAX | SD* UK: DRAMA | SD UK: E! UK: E! | SD UK: E4 | HD UK: EDEN | HD UK: EDEN FHD UK: EDEN SD UK: EIR Sports 1 | HD UK: EIR Sports 2 | HD UK: Euronews UK: Eurosport 1 | HD UK: Eurosport 1 | SD UK: Eurosport 1 | UHD UK: EUROSPORT 2 | HD UK: EUROSPORT 2 | SD UK: Eurosport 2 | UHD UK: FILM4 | HD UK: FILM4 SD UK: FINE LIVING | HD UK: Food Network | SD UK: FORCES TV UK: Fox | HD UK: FOX | SD UK: France 24 UK: Free Sports UK: GINXeSportsTV UK: GOLD | SD UK: GOOD FOOD HD UK: H2 UK: HBO | HD UK: HBO | HD* UK: Hearts Summer UK: HISTORY 2 | SD UK: History FHD UK: History FHD BU UK: History SD UK: Home UK: HOME & HEALTH UK: HORROR CHANNEL UK: INVESTIGATION DISCOVERY | HD UK: INVESTIGATION DISCOVERY | HD* UK: Investigation Discovery | SD* UK: INVESTIGATION DISCOVERY SD UK: ITV 1 | HD UK: ITV 1 | SD UK: ITV 1 | UHD UK: ITV 2 | HD UK: ITV 2 | SD UK: ITV 2 | SD* UK: ITV 3 | HD UK: ITV 3 | SD UK: ITV 3 | SD* UK: ITV 4 | HD UK: ITV 4 | SD UK: ITV 4 | SD* UK: ITV BE | SD UK: ITV BE | SD* UK: Ladbrokes TV UK: LIFETIME | HD UK: LIFETIME | SD UK: MORE 4 | HD UK: More 4 | SD UK: UK: MOVIES24 UK: MOVIES4MEN UK: MTV | SD UK: MTV Base | SD UK: MTV Classics UK: MTV Dance UK: MTV HD UK: MTV Hits UK: MTV MUSIC | SD UK: MTV OMG UK: MTV Rocks UK: MUTV FHD UK: MUTV HD UK: MUTV SD UK: NAT GEO WILD | HD UK: Nat Geo Wild SD UK: National Geographic UK: National Geographic HD UK: NICK JR | HD UK: Nick JR Too UK: Nick Junior | SD UK: NICKELODEON | HD UK: NICKELODEON | SD UK: NICKTOONS | SD UK: NOLLYWOOD UK: PBS America UK: PDC Darts (Live For Matches) UK: Pick UK: POP | SD UK: POP MAX | SD UK: Premier Sport HD UK: Premier Sport HD BU UK: Premier Sport SD UK: QUEST 1 UK: QUEST | HD UK: QUEST RED UK: QUEST RED 1 UK: Racing UK BU UK: Racing UK HD UK: Racing UK SD UK: Real Lives UK: Really UK: ROK UK: RUSSIA TODAY | HD UK: RUSSIA TODAY DOCS | HD UK: S4C UK: S4C | SD UK: Scuzz UK: Sheffield Steelers UK: SIS Europe UK: Sky News BU UK: SKY ARTS 1 | SD UK: SKY ARTS | SD UK: SKY ATLANTIC | HD UK: SKY ATLANTIC | SD UK: SKY ATLANTIC | UHD UK: SKY ATLANTIC | UHD* UK: SKY ATLANTIC | UHD** UK: SKY CINEMA ACTION HD UK: SKY CINEMA ACTION SD UK: SKY CINEMA ACTION FHD UK: SKY CINEMA COMEDY FHD UK: SKY CINEMA COMEDY HD UK: SKY CINEMA COMEDY SD UK: SKY CINEMA DISNEY FHD UK: SKY CINEMA DISNEY HD UK: SKY CINEMA DISNEY SD UK: SKY CINEMA DRAMA (VALENTINE) UK: SKY CINEMA DRAMA FHD UK: SKY CINEMA DRAMA HD UK: SKY CINEMA FAMILY FHD UK: SKY CINEMA FAMILY HD UK: SKY CINEMA FAMILY SD UK: SKY CINEMA GREATS (PIRATES) F UK: SKY CINEMA GREATS | HD UK: SKY CINEMA HITS FHD UK: SKY CINEMA HITS HD UK: SKY CINEMA HITS SD UK: SKY CINEMA PREMIER | UHD* UK: SKY CINEMA PREMIER FHD UK: SKY CINEMA PREMIER HD UK: SKY CINEMA PREMIER SD UK: Sky Cinema Premiere | UHD* UK: SKY CINEMA SCIFI & HORROR FHD UK: SKY CINEMA SCIFI & HORROR HD UK: SKY CINEMA SCIFI & HORROR SD UK: SKY CINEMA SELECT FHD UK: SKY CINEMA SELECT HD UK: SKY CINEMA SELECT SD UK: SKY CINEMA THRILLER FHD UK: SKY CINEMA THRILLER HD UK: SKY CINEMA THRILLER SD UK: SKY LIVING | HD UK: SKY LIVING | SD UK: SKY LIVING | UHD UK: Sky News HD UK: SKY ONE | HD UK: SKY ONE | SD UK: SKY ONE | UHD UK: Sky Sports Action | HD UK: Sky Sports Action | SD UK: Sky Sports Action | UHD UK: SKY SPORTS ACTION | UHD* UK: Sky Sports Arena | HD UK: Sky Sports Arena | SD UK: Sky Sports Arena | UHD UK: SKY SPORTS ARENA | UHD* UK: Sky Sports Cricket | HD UK: Sky Sports Cricket | SD UK: Sky Sports Cricket | UHD UK: SKY SPORTS CRICKET | UHD* UK: Sky Sports F1 | HD UK: SKY SPORTS F1 | SD UK: Sky Sports F1 | UHD UK: Sky Sports F1 | UHD* UK: Sky Sports Football | HD UK: Sky Sports Football | SD UK: Sky Sports Football | UHD UK: SKY SPORTS FOOTBALL | UHD* UK: Sky Sports Golf | HD UK: Sky Sports Golf | SD UK: Sky Sports Golf | UHD UK: SKY SPORTS GOLF | UHD* UK: Sky Sports Main Event | HD UK: Sky Sports Main Event | SD UK: Sky Sports Main Event | UHD UK: Sky Sports Main Event | UHD* UK: Sky Sports MIX | HD UK: Sky Sports MIX | SD UK: Sky Sports MIX | UHD UK: Sky Sports News | HD UK: Sky Sports News | SD UK: Sky Sports News | UHD UK: SKY SPORTS NEWS | UHD* UK: Sky Sports Premier League | H UK: SKY SPORTS PREMIER LEAGUE | S UK: Sky Sports Premier League | U UK: Sky Sports Premier League | U UK: Sky TWO | SD UK: Sky TWO | SD* UK: SONY CRIME UK: SONY MOVIES | SD UK: Starz TV UK: STV | UHD UK: SYFY | HD UK: SYFY | UHD UK: TALKING PICTURES | SD UK: TCM | HD UK: TCM | SD UK: TCM FHD UK: The Vault UK: TINY POP UK: TLC (Ireland) | HD UK: TLC | SD UK: TLC | UHD UK: Travel Channel UK: True Entertainment UK: TRUE MOVIES | SD UK: UNIVERSAL CHANNEL | HD UK: UTV UK: UTV | HD UK: UTV* | SD UK: VH1 UK: Viceland | HD UK: VINTAGE TV UK: Virgin Radio Tv UK: VIRTUAL BETTING CHANNEL UK: W | SD UK: W | SD* UK: William Hill TV UK: YESTERDAY SD UK: Sky Sports Red Button 01 | HD UK: Sky Sports Red Button 02 | HD UK: Sky Sports Red Button 03 | HD UK: Sky Sports Red Button 04 | HD UK: Sky Sports Red Button 05 | HD UK: Sky Sports Red Button 06 | HD UK: Sky Sports Red Button 07 | HD UK: Sky Sports Red Button 08 | HD UK: Sky Sports Red Button 09 | HD
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