Truth and Transparency


We welcome you and glad to have your potential business.

We are not Comcast, Direct TV, Xfinity or even Charter cable.
What we are is a small 1 man operation that provides the URL streams for subscribers to watch "free to air" TV channel signals and provide any trouble shooting they might encounter.
I attempt to provide great reliable URL streams to allow subscribers to have access to a multitude of TV channels and have a great TV viewing experience.
Although I provide streams that attempt to have little buffering as possible and "uptime" of 99% there will be issues from time to time as in possibly a channel link is down for a few hours or a channel has no audio for a while or even program information that isn't available.
This isn't an issue for most people due to the fact that there are many duplicate channels but there will be a certain percentage of subscribers that will make my life a living hell.
We do not offer refunds due to having little to no control of the servers.
Once the service has started it can not be reused or transferred to someone else.
The majority of people do not complain because they have escaped the stranglehold of their cable or satellite companies and now experience great worldwide TV at an affordable price.
So if these are periodic issues that will potentially trouble you then maybe IPTV isn't right for you.
We encourage you to to take a test drive.
I'm a working slob just like you and want to give subscribers a great service at a price that most anyone can afford.
If you choose to join our Telegram support group or Facebook page you will abide by common sense rules by not engaging in name calling,racism,bullying or

If you choose to engage in disturbing behavior not only will you be ejected from the groups your service will be terminated. 

We hope you join our family, 



Tuesday, May 9, 2017

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